Pre-Marriage Course

An opportunity to get to know your partner at a deeper level and to talk about things you never thought to talk about before.
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A Wedding takes a day, a Marriage lasts a lifetime.

The essential tool is simply a Pre-Marriage Course which helps take you from the BIG day to the BIGGER picture!

Taking a Pre-Marriage Course is a responsible ‘act of love‘ between you and your partner that will help your marriage start off in the best way possible and help build a strong foundation.

Falling in love is a beautiful thing but when you commit to marriage then you are going to need a time-tested program to get you settled in as a couple for this new journey.

More so in today’s fast paced digital world!

Before you say ‘I Do’, a smart step for smart couples is to do a Pre-Marriage Course to strengthen the bonds of marriage.
Statistics show that on average 1 in 3 couples in Australia end up in a divorce.
Don’t become a statistic! Prepare for your journey in marriage now.

The Importance of Doing Pre-Marriage Counselling Education

What Does a Pre-Marriage Course Involve?


  • Learn healthy communication skills for difficult or challenging times in the marital journey because life happens!
  • Learn how to listen and understand your differences in a loving way that helps maintain the emotional bond and connection in your relationship even when you disagree.
  • Learn management of conflict resolution, identifying influences in conflict, triggers and the antidotes to these situations.
  • Helps prevent dismiss and relationship breakdowns by bringing couples closer.
  • Using our assessment tools, you’ll find it easier to understand your partner and create a deeper, healthier relationship to strengthen over the years to come.
  • Specialised program designed by experts in the industry with over 40 years of research, evidence and science-based methods.
  • An invitation to discuss things that you never thought to talk about before in a safe and positive environment.

Pre-Marriage Course, so much to gain, nothing to lose!

One of the best investments you will ever make for your marriage.

Pre-Marriage Course
Who is the Course Suitable for?


  • Any and every couple.
What are the Benefits of the Course?

  • Identifies your strengths as a couple and builds on them.
  • Strengthens your communication skills with each other.
  • Uncovers potential stressful areas & provides tools to manage conflict.
  • Explores your family of origin to highlight to each other your individual values & beliefs.
  • Comfortably discuss financial matters to address how best to live as a couple in today’s world.
  • Helps establish couple & family goals whilst maintaining respect for each others individual ambitions.
  • Learning to accept personality differences & to avoid the ‘want’ to mould each other towards what you imagined to be the ‘perfect’ partner.
What does the Course Include?

  • Flexible appointments to fit around your busy lifestyles.
  • 3 x Private 2 Hour sessions tailor made to your strength and growth areas.
  • Couple online assessments and workbooks.
  • Apart from the Prepare Enrich Course module you will also get additional information and readings that will benefit you further.
  • Comes in both faith-based and non-faith based options.

So, come on, Explore, Embrace and Enrich your loving relationship as you prepare for a strong, happy and mighty marriage.

Doing a Pre-Marriage Course has so much to gain, nothing to lose and it will cost you less than a bridal bouquet!

Worldwide over 5 million couples have taken the Prepare Enrich Program since it began in 1979.

Over that time more than 250,000 Australian couples have participated in this program and have reported increased satisfaction in their marriage.

Why Do the Pre-Marriage Course?
  • A course that addresses strategies to help couples cope with challenges that may be faced after marriage.
  • A course that teaches couples to create a plan to resolve conflicts without arguments.
  • A course that is intended to give you a safe and comfortable space to discuss the important aspects of married life that are typically overlooked before you tie the knot.
  • A course that assists you to learn new skills to rejuvenate your relationship even before marriage.
  • A course that is backed by 40+ years of science & research.
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Building Stronger Relationships

Take the positive step to make your relationship a stronger, loving and a more meaningful one today!

Prepare & Get Enriched

Work through responsibilities, expectations and how to handle conflict ahead of time. The more you talk through these things the better you will understand each other's idea of what life together will be like.