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Why Prepare Enrich?

  • A program that addresses strategies to help couples cope with challenges that may be faced after marriage.
  • A program that teaches couples to create a plan to resolve conflicts without arguments.
  • A program that is intended to give you a safe and comfortable space to discuss the important aspects of married life that are typically overlooked before you tie the knot.
  • A program that assists you to learn new skills to rejuvenate your relationship even before marriage.
  • A program that is backed by 40+ years of science & research.
  • To prevent relationship distress & breakdown by providing information to increase a couple’s awareness of the factors contributing to relationship difficulties & raising the relational skills of couples preparing for marriage, already married or living together.
  • The program addresses the management of conflict, benefitting couples through improved communication & conflict resolution skills.
  • Specially designed to help you get a good start in the journey of marriage & to reduce the likelihood of a breakdown in the future.
  • Helps achieve high levels of marital satisfaction & commitment, hence reducing marital conflict.
  • Participation in a pre-marriage program is an ‘act of love’ contributing to a better & more stable marriage.
  • To provide evidence & strength-based skills to foster a healthy relationship.

Worldwide over 2.5 million couples (5 million people) have taken the PREPARE/ENRICH program since it began in 1980. Over that time, more than 150,000 Australian couples have participated in the program.

All facilitators must have a background in counselling or clergy in order to be trained to deliver this program.

The program is to be attended together as a couple.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Prepare Enrich right for your relationship?

Any relationship can benefit from Prepare Enrich. It doesn’t matter whether you are engaged, dating, living together, newly married or have been married for years.

Provides you with the tools to ensure long term success.

How does the program work?

This program is not meant to find faults within a couple, but rather highlight the important aspects of life that goes beyond the honeymoon period.

Prepare Enrich starts off with an online inventory to determine your current strengths & growth areas as a couple.

You will then have face to face sessions with myself as your facilitator in a private & confidential environment. These sessions will help you understand your results & provide you with the skills to assist your relationship as a couple.

The relationship skills covered through Prepare Enrich are separated into modules that ensures a comfortable & relaxed environment. To reap the exceeding benefits of this program, it is important to come along together as a couple.

Prepare Enrich is a proven method helping to build longer lasting, deeper & a more meaningful relationship. All are welcome without any fear of judgement

What are the benefits of the program?
  • Identifies your strengths as a couple and builds on them.
  • Strengthens your communication skills with each other.
  • Uncovers potential stressful areas & provides tools to manage conflict.
  • Explores your family of origin to highlight to each other your individual values & beliefs.
  • Comfortably discuss financial matters to address how best to live as a couple in today’s world.
  • Helps establish couple & family goals whilst maintaining respect for each others individual ambitions.
  • Learning to accept personality differences & to avoid the ‘want’ to mould each other towards what you imagined to be the ‘perfect’ partner.
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Building Stronger Relationships

Take the positive step to make your relationship a stronger, loving and a more meaningful one today!

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Prepare & Get Enriched

Work through responsibilities, expectations and how to handle conflict ahead of time. The more you talk through these things the better you will understand each other’s idea of what life together will be like.

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