Bringing Baby Home (BBH) Program

A Parenting and Relationship Program

New Parents Experiencing Transition to Parenthood

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Bringing Baby Home (BBH) Program

A Parenting and Relationship Program for New Parents Experiencing the Transition to Parenthood

The Greatest Gift you can give your child is a strong relationship between the two of you.

Program Description

What happens when ‘you and me’

become ‘three’?

The Bringing Baby Home Program (BBH) is designed to provide new or expectant parents facing the myriad of changes and new experiences associated with bringing their first baby home with tools, knowledge and skills that will assist them to thrive during this important relationship transition.

Topics Include:

  • Transition to Parenthood
  • Co-Parenting
  • Child Development
  • Strengthening your relationship
  • Conflict resolution
  • Parenting as a Team

Your support, compassion, and dedication given to the community in need is immeasurable. Keep up the special gift you have, to provide strength, respect and guidance always. Thank you.


Why Do This Course?

Studies show that 67% of new parents experience a significant drop in relationship satisfaction in the 1st year after the birth of a child Dr Gottman

Who Should Do This Course?
This course is designed for both pregnant and new parents. The Bringing Baby Home Program (BBH) will give you skills and inforrmation to recognise and cope successfully with the normal stresses of becoming a family.
What Will You Learn?
The content of this program evolved from Dr Gottman’s 40 years of marriage and family research and is designed to help you raise an emotionally intelligent and resilient child by:

  • Teaching you to increase the friendship levels in your couple relationship
  • To deal effectively with your couple conflict
  • To involve dad in the infant care and parenting
  • To improve the quality of parents – infant interaction
  • To help you recognise the psychological and emotional needs of your child
  • To help you co-parent effectively as a team

The Birth of a Child means The Birth of a Parent

What Can You Expect From This Course?

Solid research done over 3,000 couples who have taken the Bringing Baby Home Program (BBH) shows that they have experienced:

  • A more satisfying and fulfilling couple relationship and a reported high stable relationship quality despite the huge change in family dynamics with the arrival of a new baby compared to those couples who didn’t do the course.
  • A significant lower rate of postpartum mood disorders and depression for both parents.
  • A decrease in relationship hostility and the likelihood of divorce.
  • Both parents showed greater sensitivity and responsiveness to their infant’s signals and this was particularly true for the new dads.
  • Parents who the BBH program demonstrated better co-parenting abilities in that they were able to work more positively during family play with their 3 month old baby.
  • Babies expressed more smiling and laughter during family play if their parents had participated in the BBH program. This was true for both 3 and 12 month old infants.
  • Several indicators of father-infant attachment security were rated more positively in families who had taken the BBH program.
  • There were less language delays and better infant development and temperament in one year old infants of parents who took the BBH program.
  • Mothers who took the BBH program reported being more involved in the parenting and feeling more satisfied and appreciated for their parental contributions.
  • Fathers who took the BBH program reported being more involved in the parenting and feeling more satisfied and appreciated for their parental contributions.
  • There was less hostility expressed by both husbands and wives during conflict discussions if they had taken the BBH program.
Why Is It Important for Expectant Couples to do the BBH Program?

Transition into parenthood from being a couple, when 2 becomes 3, is a new and challenging journey to say the very least. Research shows that when new parents have a good and satisfying relationship, their baby will have the foundation for positive emotional and social development.

BBH Motto: ‘Small things often”

This amazing program also teaches couple ways to nurture the family environment through the toddler and preschool years. By supporting the couple as they become parents, children benefit.

Once this foundation is established in a family, research shows that children do better in school, adapt better socially and are physically and emotionally healthier. (Cowan & Cowna, 1995, Gottman 1999).

And Baby Makes Three

“In our study, the couples that sailed through the turbulent rapids pf Baby’s arrival looked for mooring, for goals and values that anchored them. In adopting to family life with its constant twists and turns, they shifted their balance, grabbed hold of new oars, mapped out their destination and navigated towards their new goals together. They filled their lives with purpose and meaning”. – Drs Gottman

Parenting is a Journey. Not a Destination

Building Stronger Relationships

Take the positive step to make your relationship a stronger, loving and a more meaningful one today!

Prepare & Get Enriched

Work through responsibilities, expectations and how to handle conflict ahead of time. The more you talk through these things the better you will understand each other's idea of what life together will be like.