Marriage and Menopause

What couples need to understand about ‘men’opause to save their marriages
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Marriage and Menopause

A Relationship Angle: What couples need to understand about ‘men’opause to save their marriages

Couples! Don’t let menopause rob your relationship! Take charge, get to know each other again….after all you’ve come this far in your journey of marriage.
This time is finally yours as a couple again… Don’t put up with a loveless marriage.

Marriage menopause counselling

Helping you to:

Achieve a satisfying and fulfilling relationship

Better understanding and knowledge to help you both navigate this tricky stage of life

Helping and guiding you to open the lines for deeper and more meaningful communication

Proven and well researched Interventions for every problem/challenges faced.

Program Description

This new and insightful Marriage & Menopause Program by 3R Counselling could be the lighthouse to guide your path in this dark and confusing times of your relationship and to equip you both with all the very best researched skills for your love, life, marriage & beyond!

Couples! Don’t let menopause rob your relationship!

Take charge, get to know each other again….after all you’ve come this far in your journey of marriage.

This time is finally yours as a couple again…Don’t put up with a loveless marriage.

No need to feel lonely in your relationship or suffer a marriage breakdown adding to the divorce rate in this age category in present times.

Mature age marriage counselling

“I don’t know who I am anymore”

“I feel myself getting upset and rageful at the smallest things”

“I feel so unseen, unheard and lonely in my marriage, my husband has no idea what I’m going through…”


“I feel so lonely, abandoned and rejected in my life”


“I don’t know what I want. How could I possibly ask for it from my partner?”


“I’m so lonely and I can’t explain my pain but I put up a front and soldier on for the sake of my children.”


Even though, our world has changed in so many ways due to Covid 19, one thing for sure, our menopausal transitions such as weight gain, mid- life crisis in both men and women and becoming empty nesters in our late 40’s or early 50’s are all normative transitions in life.

To avoid unnesscessary divorce or hurtful separation due to the lack of understanding, good communication and conflict resolutions techniques, couples need to commit to learning some well researched skills to manage the ups and downs especially at this stage of their married life.

This ‘change of life’/menopause season of life can certainly wreak havoc in a couple’s marriage.

Be prepared to do something about it.

Seeking  some professional service to help restore, reconnect and rebuild from this stage is very crucial for their marriage, their family,  their careers, their community and beyond.

If you and your partner have found yourselves in that kind of a tough spot lately where your fights seem to be increasing even escalating into rageful episodes and bouts of screaming and quarrelling followed by weeks of hurt, silence and anguish in your relationship over simple small differences and both of you feel misunderstood, judged, unheard, unseen, lonely, uncared for, unacknowledged, easily hurt, depressed, worried, unsettled or constantly fatigued in the marriage and both or one of you seem to have lost yourselves in your relationship, you could be in this cycle of ‘change of life’ known as menopause, which is certainly no fault of your own.

In some women, symptoms can start as early as their late 30’s known as Perimenopause then linger on well into their 50’s known as Menopause once they have crossed over after their final period  of 12 months. Even then for some, it can take another 2 years before they have finally crossed over their Menopause.

A lot of different factors such as genetics, hormones and lifestyle choices come to play in this realm.

Although, mostly the women experience this stage of changing hormones and a major shift in their moods such as feelings of anxiety, depression, anger and stress that comes with it , often times it affects both partners in the marriage. However, this is somehow never discussed openly which leads to why most partners lack in their understanding as to why this supposed natural stage of life can cause such a tsunami of emotional distress and hurt in the relationship.

Recent statistics prove that many couples in this stage, unfortunately give up on their marriages  and end up in a divorce. This is really a sad outcome as mainly this decision is due to the lack of knowing what to do when  their conflicts get rampant, unbearable and their fight patterns and arguments become very entrenched. Couples find themselves caught in a vicious cycle that they do not know how to break free from.

Some couples suffer by putting up with this relationship ordeal but in the long run it hurts their bond and ruins the quality of their marriage that they may have worked so hard to achieve whilst juggling work life, family, running their household, children, social life and everything in between. This also impacts the quality and  satisfaction of their married life.

Well, now finally for the very first time  there’s help to repair, reconnect and rebuild your relationship from this stage onwards.

Welcome! to the new found Marriage & Menopause Program put together by 3R Counselling using well researched, evidence and strength based, experiential and future focused skills to help every couple achieve all the very best that their marriage relationship can offer them, moving forward.

Both partners will learn some wonderful new skills for good communication, conflict resolution tools and  highly  proven methods of rebuilding your connection for better understanding and “into-me-see” (intimacy) skills for becoming better lovers and partners than ever before!

A golden  opportunity to upgrade your marriage. A marriage 2.0 

Wait no longer, seek help now to support your partner and yourself through this stage of your journey in marriage and your  season of life together because your marriage matters! Let’s make the best use of our time together, learning and growing through this inevitable change in life transition – your Marriage & Menopause!

The outcome would be to achieve the best possible relationship your marriage has to offer! Better understanding, learning to become best friends again, healing from past hurts and emotional wounds, great communication and connection of your hearts and souls, which in turn leads to better intimacy.


So much to gain, nothing to lose!

Cynthia is dedicated in helping you achieve all the very best that your marriage has to offer.

The program is run in 5 sessions of 2 hours each, one couple at a time.

 Introductory cost is $799 ($100 discount from original price)

and this includes worksheets  and readings to support new learnings.

Sessions are flexible and will try to be suited to your availability.

Building Stronger Relationships

Take the positive step to make your relationship a stronger, loving and a more meaningful one today!

Prepare & Get Enriched

Work through responsibilities, expectations and how to handle conflict ahead of time. The more you talk through these things the better you will understand each other's idea of what life together will be like.